Wapati Elrona-kone


Wapati Elrona-kona is a scarf made out of organic cotton with designs of endangered animals to set a statement and gain awareness for wildlife protection.

Topic | Wapati Elrona-kone – a fluffy scarf

Context | Many animals are endangered. It is a pity that species extinction is being ignored in people’s everyday life. The Intention of this project is the creation of a product for an animal welfare fund-raising campaign. The funding should go to species protection. The fluffy scarf itself unifies selected endargered species from the WWF red list.

Realisation | Developing Concept and Design. Cutting the fabric pieces for appliqués. Appliquéing the parts on cotton fleece. Cutting the cotton fleece and sewing scarf according to pattern.

Technology | Adobe Illustrator

Material | Organic Cotton

Project Members | Marie Petters (everything)