Karli the gloomy mole
Read the story here. Unfortunately this is only available in German

Karli the gloomy mole is a kids story I wrote and illustrated in addition to a matching board game concept.

Topic | Karli the gloomy mole

Context | Karli the gloomy mole is a kids story about the sad mole Karli who is jealous of all the other animals stronger and prettier than him. He tired of being a mole so he tries to be someone else. At the end he is able to see that none of us is perfect and is finally happy to be himself. This story all about self-acceptance and was written and illustrated in 2012. This story was created along with a board game concept for kids.

Realisation | Traditional sketching with pencil. Digital painting with Adobe Illustrator.  Arrangement in Adobe InDesign. Printing and book binding.

Technology | Adobe Illustator, Adobe InDesign

Material | Pen & Paper

Project Members | Marie Petters